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Rene Thomas Folse, JD, Ph.D. is the host for this edition which reports on the following news stories: Failure to Admit Medical Records Dooms Employer’s Apportionment. Carriers Not Required to Notify Insured of WCIRB Classification Changes. City Immune from Suit for Bad Advice to Injured Police Officer. School District COVID Vaccination Mandates Preempted by State Law. O.C. Pharmacist Guilty of 22 Felonies for $11M Insurance Fraud. DIR Sends Employers Notice of More Than $1.5B in 2023 Assessments. Oregon Report Says California Has 3rd Highest Comp Rates in Nation. American Bar Association Lowers the Bar to Law School Admission. Low Back Pain Study of 17,326 Records Has Sobering Conclusions. Pharmacy Cutbacks Cause Big Delays for Customers in Bay Area.