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Sedgwick, announced several new updates to its artificial intelligence-powered (AI) technology program, ahead of the upcoming RISKWORLD 2024, the annual conference of RIMS, Sedgwick also said it “remains at the vanguard of technological innovation in the industry with its pioneering generative AI technologies and claims management applications.”

The latest enhancements are significant milestones on Sedgwick’s journey of technology evolution and have been supported by dedicated research and development in predictive modeling, machine learning and now, generative AI. This work has been propelled by the company’s vast global dataset and expert in-house data science and technology teams.

Their goal is to expedite the claims process by predicting, addressing, and automating steps in the claim lifecycle, thereby enhancing consumer experiences, and streamlining claim resolutions. Claim resolution times are expected to decrease, early adopters will swiftly benefit from the technological advancements, and the overall experience for Sedgwick’s consumers and clients will be significantly elevated.

Sedgwick’s technology stack is built around several AI-enhanced tools that comprise a scalable, rapidly deployable platform. Recent enhancements to Sedgwick technologies include:

1- Sidekick+: In April, Sedgwick achieved integration of generative AI tools into its proprietary technology program with a best-in-class claims workflow. New updates to Sidekick+, an industry-first application that integrates Microsoft/OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology with Sedgwick’s established claims management tools, leverage API integration so that claim professionals automatically receive medical document summarizations directly into their claim files.

Sidekick+ has processed 50,000 documents in the initial pilot with greater than 98% accuracy in its summarizations. Sidekick is bundled with Sedgwick’s digital intelligence suite, including predictive models and decision engines, so that AI can prescribe optimal workflows, leading to genuine process transformation. Sedgwick was named by Foundry’s CIO as a 2024 CIO 100 Award winner for Sidekick+, which is a first-of-its-kind application developed by the company’s technology team. Foundry’s CIO 100 award recognizes enterprise excellence and innovation in IT.

2- AI care guidance: Sedgwick has expanded its offerings with the launch of an AI-powered care guidance application to identify claims on workers’ compensation programs with integrated managed care whose progression could benefit from early clinical intervention. The proprietary model uses modern AI, machine learning and natural language processing to rapidly review unstructured data – such as claim notes, correspondence, medical bills, and clinical documentation – and collect meaningful, actionable information for review. By identifying subtle patterns that might otherwise be overlooked,

AI care guidance detects the warning signs of claim severity early in the process and facilitates prompt referrals to appropriate clinical resources.

3-  mySedgwick: With an eye toward continued innovation addressing communication gaps in the claims process, mySedgwick – Sedgwick’s customer-centric self-service tool and virtual guide through the claims journey – has been refreshed with a simplified, mobile- first user experience for U.S. casualty and workforce absence clients and their employees/customers. Today, nearly 70% of claimants use mobile devices to check on their claims and ask questions – up from 30% just three years ago.

AI-backed chat capabilities can address many claims questions in real time or direct claimants to their assigned examiners for more complex queries. This update simplifies the claims experience and meets claimants where they are in the digital realm.