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The California Chamber of Commerce has published a reminder “Mandatory Pamphlet Updates for California Employers.All California employers are required to distribute six pamphlets to employees, and two of them – Unemployment Insurance (UI) and Workers’ Compensation Rights and Benefits – have mandatory updates for 2024. To fulfill their legal obligations, employers must make sure they’re giving the most current pamphlet versions to their employees. And remember, if you have Spanish-speaking employees, you’re required to provide the pamphlet in both English and Spanish.

The first revised pamphlet ― the California Unemployment Insurance pamphlet – notifies employees of their right to unemployment insurance benefits when they are terminated, laid off or take a leave of absence. Employers must provide this information to any employee no later than the effective date of the termination. The UI pamphlet:

– – Describes California’s UI benefits program;
– – Contains information about what makes employees eligible or ineligible for unemployment benefits;
– – Provides information on how to apply for UI benefits; and
– – Fulfills your legal obligation to distribute UI information to all employees who become terminated, laid off or take a leave of absence (note: It is also a best practice to provide this pamphlet when an employee resigns).

The latest Unemployment Insurance pamphlet (DE 2320 and DE 2320S) has “Rev. 67 (1/24).”

Second is the Workers’ Compensation pamphlet, which informs of new employees of their rights and obligations regarding workers’ compensation. The Workers’ Compensation pamphlet describes:

– – The California’s workers’ compensation benefits program, including the types of benefits available;
– – How to predesignate a physician who will provide treatment for work-related injuries;
– – What to do if there is a dispute;
– – The penalties for making fraudulent claims; and
– – What to do if the employee becomes injured at work.

The current Workers’ Compensation pamphlet revision date is 2/1/24.

CalChamber offers a California Required Pamphlets Kit – in both English and Spanish – which contains 20 each of the six required pamphlets. These six pamphlets can also be ordered separately in packs of 20: Paid Family Leave (PFL), Rights of Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking, Sexual Harassment, State Disability Insurance (SDI), Unemployment Insurance and Workers’ Compensation.

Keep in mind, PFL and SDI pamphlets had mandatory changes issued in June 2023 and July 2023, respectively, so make sure you are using the most updated version.