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The Labor Commissioner’s Office has reached a $2 million settlement against Pearl B-Star, Inc. DBA Lin’s Fusion Restaurant in Fresno for underpaying 32 workers. Pearl B-Star, Inc.’s violated state labor laws governing recordkeeping, payroll timekeeping and cash pay without wage statements.

The restaurant has a 20 year history serving the Fresno community.

The Bureau of Field Enforcement (BOFE) was referred this case by the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office. BOFE’s investigation began in 2019 and found that workers, many of them immigrants, were paid a salary in cash and were not compensated for overtime, split shifts, meal periods and contract wages.

The Employment Development Department (EDD) and the Joint Enforcement Strike Force (JESF) also participated in the investigation.

Any one that worked at Lin’s Fusion between September 26, 2016, and September 26, 2019, should immediately contact LCO at (619) 767-2039 as they may be entitled to owed wages and damages under the settlement agreement.

All workers in California are protected under the California labor code, regardless of immigration status. If you work in California, you have rights. Workers should not be afraid to come forward with allegations of wage theft.

Today’s action builds on multiple other enforcement actions announced this year including reaching a $1 million settlement for warehouse workers who were victims of wage theft, another $1 million settlement for janitors who cleaned Cheesecake Factory restaurants, and a new $18 million grant program to prosecute wage theft.

Labor Commissioner Lilia García-Brower said “When enforcement agencies work together, we are best able to protect workers. In this case systemic violations were detected, the perpetrating employer was held accountable, and workers are receiving owed wages. We look forward to continuing to collaborate on many cases to protect workers and law-abiding employers.”