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Dr. Gary Martinovsky graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, as a bachelor of science and from Stanford University as a medical doctor. He completed a residency in anesthesiology and acute care at Stanford School of Medicine, and a postgraduate fellowship in Pain Medicine at the University of California, Davis. He holds board certification in Pain Medicine from the American Board of Anesthesiology.

NBC Bay Area reports that Dr. Gary Martinovsky was first arrested on Thursday, March 20, 2014 and charged with insurance fraud and unlawful dispensing of medicine. About half of his patients at the time were injured workers, and investigators claimed he was bilking the California workers’ compensation system.

Inspectors for the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, the agency behind an undercover investigation into Martinovsky, accused him of running a medical mill and using injured workers for his own financial gain. They would claim in court documents that his office billed an insurance company for services he never performed and that Martinovsky had a “cavalier attitude” toward dispensing drugs.

But the case against Martinovsky was dismissed in Alameda because it had been filed in the wrong county.

Prosecutors then filed a a single felony count for violating Cal. Penal Code § 550(a)(7) (knowingly submitting a claim for a health care benefit not used by, or on behalf of, the claimant) was filed in Contra Costa County Superior Court. During the preliminary hearing, which was not completed, the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor. That case was dismissed after Martinovsky completed a one-year diversion program. He never entered a guilty plea or admitted guilt of any kind.

In 2016 Dr. Martinovsky filed a civil rights lawsuit in federal court against the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office and an investigators for the Department of Insurance. He alleged that because “of the search of the clinic, and the defamatory statements made by Defendants, word spread quickly through the regional medical community, legal professionals and insurance industry that Dr. Martinovsky had been arrested and charged with felony drug and insurance fraud charges. The effect was immediate and devastating for Plaintiffs’ otherwise spotless reputation and growing medical practice, and caused severe emotional distress”.

The federal civil rights case was resolved and dismissed with prejudice based upon a stipulation and a settlement between the parties in May 2018 for undisclosed terms.

Now, on December 7, 2023, the San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins announced that a 51 year old Doctor Gary Martinovsky, who lives in San Francisco; and his 68 year old office assistant and mother-in-law, Raisa Rikoshinsky, who lives in San Bruno; and one of the businesses he owns, Integrated Pain Care (IPC), have been criminally charged with 40 violations of insurance fraud under (PC 550(a)(5), PC 550(a)(7), and PC 550(a)(8)), for fraudulent billing, double billing, and billing for services not rendered.

Gary Martinovsky MD is listed as a QME in Anesthesiology, and also in Pain Managment. DWC Medical Unit records reflect 10 Northern California Offices for each specialty, or a total of 20 addresses. According to the California Department of Industrial Relations, Dr. Martinovksy has 3,005 liens worth $29,443,467 outstanding as of October 2023.

As alleged in court documents in this newest case, Dr. Martinovsky, IPC, and Raisa Rikoshinsky allegedly filed liens with the State of California Division of Workers Compensation asking for payment of bills which had already been paid in full or in part.

California’s Workers Compensation law allows a doctor to file a lien against an insurance provider for payment for services rendered to an injured worker, where the bill has not been paid.

In support of the filed liens, prosecutors allege the defendants submitted fraudulent documents and/or failed to disclose that they had already received payments for the billed services. In addition, Dr. Martinovsky and IPC billed three insurers for services not rendered, by claiming $625 numerous times for services not provided to injured workers.

In terms of number of liens filed from 2022 to the present,  prosecutors claim Integrated Pain Care was second in the State of California only to the Employment Development Department, the state agency that administers California’s Unemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Paid Family Leave programs and maintains records for more than 19 million workers.

Dr. Martinovsky and Ms. Rikoshinksy are scheduled to be arraigned on January 12, 2024, at 9A in Department 10 at the Hall of Justice. If convicted of all charges, Dr. Martinovsky and Ms. Rikoshinsky each face over five years in State Prison.

This case was developed through an investigation conducted by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office Economic Crimes Unit, with the California Department of Insurance assisting in the arrests.

Although charges have been filed, this remains an active investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call the San Francisco District Attorney’s Investigations Tip Line at 1-628-652-4362. You may remain anonymous.