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Tracey D. Brown, EVP, president of Walgreens retail & chief customer officer, underscored Walgreens transformation into a helathcare company that solves challenges that face the industry. She emphasized the power of the fourth network and community-based solutions that make quality healthcare more accessible while improving outcomes and lowering costs – an approach with the potential to transform the way we engage with our health.

We’re launching Virtual Healthcare at Walgreens this month because our goal is to be the most convenient health and wellness destination, whether you’re physically in stores or visit Walgreens virtually in stores.”

Walgreens Virtual Healthcare offering is set to launch in late October 2023. This digital solution will provide discreet, convenient and on-demand medical care for common health needs. It will make it easier for individuals to receive online diagnoses and prescriptions, making healthcare accessible and affordable at any time. Meeting patients where they’re at is core to Walgreens mission, and Walgreens Virtual Healthcare aims to improve access to fast, reliable, affordable care.

Some of the key benefits include:

– – An easier way to get care, when you need it: Patients will be able to connect easily with doctors and nurse practitioners through virtual or chat-based consultations. For certain conditions, video visits with healthcare providers will be available, all on the patient’s terms and from the convenience of their own devices.
– – Care and treatment for some of the most common health needs: Walgreens Virtual Healthcare will provide on-demand medical care and treatment for some of the most common health needs, including respiratory illness, allergies, urinary tract infections (UTIs) and acne.
– – Streamlined treatment access: After patients connect with a provider either via chat or video, Walgreens Virtual Healthcare enables them to get their prescriptions filled from their preferred pharmacy, including at Walgreens pharmacies or with Walgreens Same-Day Prescription Delivery.
– – Affordable pricing: Most Walgreens Virtual Healthcare chat visits will be priced at $33 out-of-pocket, with pricing for video visits varying from $36-75, making healthcare more affordable and accessible. At this time, insurance is not accepted for Walgreens Virtual Healthcare visits, but it can be used to cover the cost of prescriptions. In the future, Walgreens Virtual Healthcare plans to accept insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts and Healthcare Savings Accounts will be accepted.

Patients in select states will be able to access Walgreens Virtual Healthcare at beginning in late October. These initial states cover nearly half of the U.S. population and half of Walgreens pharmacy customers. Walgreens plans to expand the service to cover additional conditions and markets in the near future.