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Rene Thomas Folse, JD, Ph.D. is the host for this edition which reports on the following news stories: Represented Worker Not Required to Repeat QME Procedural Steps. Arbitrator Has No Power to Cure Employers Late Payment of Arbitration Fees. 9th Circuit En Banc to Rule on Student/State Bar ADA Accommodation Dispute. Owners of Bakersfield Construction Co. Face $4M Payroll Fraud Charges. New Form 1-9 and Remote Verification Process Announced.
WCIRB 2023 State of the System Report is Essentially Good News. Workers Compensation National Insurers Show Strength and Profitability. Researchers Say DWC Data Shows 20,000 Annual Heat Related Injuries. AHA Reports Massive Dissatisfaction With Insurer Healthcare Practices. 16 Hospitals Line Up for California Distressed Hospital Loan Program.