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Mulberri is a software company that provides a cloud-based platform for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to purchase and manage insurance.The company was founded in 2016 by Hamesh Chawla and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

Mulberri’s platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the insurance buying process, making it easier and faster for SMBs to find the right coverage at the best price. The company’s customers include businesses in a variety of industries, including retail, healthcare, and technology.

Mulberri just announced the launch of its Risk Engine, a first of its kind risk assessment offering for workers compensation underwriters. The Risk Engine, which is already being deployed by customers like Paychex’s PEO department, uses machine learning models to put the information underwriters need at their fingertips, making it possible to make fast, accurate decisions.

Workers’ comp is a multi-billion-dollar market, but most existing underwriting processes have not taken full advantage of the power of data, especially AI. Mulberri designed its Risk Engine to meet the needs of underwriters and their customers, extending Mulberri’s existing portfolio of insurance products for payroll businesses, HR providers, brokers and small-medium businesses.

“Our mission from day one has been to leverage technology to complement underwriters’ judgment so that the business insurance process can be simple, efficient, and transparent,” said Hamesh Chawla, CEO and cofounder of Mulberri. “The Risk Engine is a transformative step forward.”

Mulberri trained its Risk Engine to determine factors that impact claims based on millions of pieces of information including firmographic information, previous loss experience and workers compensation information. The cloud-based product allows intuitive access to predictions on demand from any SaaS application as well as easy deployment. It also enables users to analyze and score prospects one at a time or in bulk. All data is obfuscated, so PII remains safe.

It allows underwriters to make predictions for:

– – Claim Propensity – Likelihood of an insured filing a claim in twelve months
– – Claim Frequency – Claim repetition in twelve months
– – Claim Severity – Severity of the claim should it occur
– – Loss Ratio – Likelihood of the loss ratio getting worse than a profitable level

Mulberri has won the following awards from Insurtech:

– – 2023 Insurtech Innovation Award for Best Insurtech Solution for PEOs and Brokers
– – 2023 Insurtech Rising Star Award
– – 2023 Insurtech Best of Show Award

To learn more about the Mulberri Risk Engine and get a demo , sign up at