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Rene Thomas Folse, JD, Ph.D. is the host for this edition which reports on the following news stories: Failure to Prove Regulatory Compliance Ends Employer Medical Control. Arbitration Agreement Legalese & Unreadable Fine Print Is Not Unconscionable. Toluca Lake Man Accused of Impersonating a Doctor for Several Years. Bakersfield Pain Management Physician Sentenced for Tax Evasion. $1.47M Settlement Resolves Poultry Processor Wage Theft Citations. New Federal Workers Comp Program OIG Audit Shows Epic Failure. LA Metro Union Station Resolves “Long List” of ADA Violations. Legislature Seeks to Lower Burden of Proof to Discipline Physicians. ChatGPT Answers Beat Physicians in JAMA Internal Medicine Study. Sedgwick Launches OpenAI GPT-4 Tools for Work Comp Claims.