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Rene Thomas Folse, JD, Ph.D. is the host for this edition which reports on the following news stories: MSP Manual Update Requires Providers to Identify and Bill MSAs. City of L.A. Retail Industry Fair Work Week Ordinance Starts April 1. Carson CA Facility Closes After $838,800 Cal/OSHA Citations. WCIRB Study Shows Experience Rating Improves Workplace Safety. San Diego Doctor Pleads Guilty to $2M Insurance Fraud. Congressman Seeks to Plug Fraudsters “Shocking Loophole”. Evidence in 17 YouTube Videos Leads to Insurance Fraud Arrest. Burned Out Healthcare Workers Considering Leaving the Industry. P&C Insurers 2022 Underwriting Losses Soar and Net Income Shrinks. GPT-4 AI Technology Easily Passed the Multistate Bar Exam – What’s Next?