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A Saratoga, California man has been charged with posing as a doctor to perform an unlicensed Botox injection on a woman, which comes on the heels of him avoiding a jail sentence after he was prosecuted for similar acts in Miami, according to authorities and court records.

The Mercury News reports that 37 year old Brody Amir Moazzeni faces one felony count of practicing medicine without certification. The case was filed in Santa Clara County, and he was arraigned December 14, and faces a maximum sentence of a year in county jail if convicted on the charge.

Deputy District Attorney Ann Huntley said the charge is based on an allegation by a 26-year-old Stockton woman who met Moazzeni – who in the South Bay criminal complaint has listed aliases of Amir Moazzeni and Gianni Muzzati – through the Bumble dating app.

According to the investigation, the woman said she knew the defendant as Gianni Muzzati, and that he told her he was a doctor opening his own cosmetic clinic. The two began a romantic relationship, and on Sept. 25, 2021, they met at a Sunnyvale hotel where Moazzeni allegedly offered to give her free Botox injections in her face and other injections in her torso.

Huntley said that a few weeks later, the woman noticed her right eyelid was drooping and saw an ophthalmologist who told her her procedure was not done properly. After she got her eyelid treated, Moazzeni continued to pressure her into letting him do more cosmetic work, leading her to question his qualifications.

He was implicated in a similar case in March 2021 when he was charged with practicing unlicensed medicine and sexual battery involving a woman in Miami Beach, Florida, according to court records there.

Court records show that Miami-Dade prosecutors initially filed at least seven felony and misdemeanor charges against Moazzeni, but ultimately pursued two felony counts and one misdemeanor count, all involving the unlicensed medicine accusations. Those same records show that Moazzeni was allowed to participate in a pretrial diversion program to avoid a potential conviction and jail time, and that his charges were dropped Sept. 23 after he completed the program.

That was two days before the reported Botox encounter in Sunnyvale that led to his criminal charge in Santa Clara County. The new alleged offense has no consequence for his case in Florida since it was dismissed, according to the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office.

Still, that overlap has Huntley and investigators concerned there could be other women who received unlicensed cosmetic work from Moazenni and suffered health problems as a result.

“Given the sensitive nature of how he manipulates women,” Huntley said, “these women might feel used and bamboozled because of the way they were taken advantage of.”

To this point, Huntley said, there is no evidence that the defendant ever asked for payment for the procedures.

Moazzeni is currently out of jail custody and is scheduled to return to court Feb. 28. Anyone with information about the case, or other people who might have received unlicensed medial procedures from the defendant, can contact Santa Clara County DA Investigator Krissi Durant at 408-792-2567.