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The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. announced the launch of its Hanover i-on Sensor Program, which offers a robust set of technology-based services to help business and organization owners prevent workplace injuries, property damage, theft, and other losses.

The IoT technology solutions enable business leaders to monitor facilities, property, and employee safety to proactively manage risk. The Hanover i-on Sensor Program offers businesses solutions from expert partners for an array of risks, including:

– – Hanover i-on Sensors for Property – Undetected water leaks can quickly cause extensive damage. This program provides water sensors that leverage the power of technology to monitor water flow and alert our customers to leaks quickly, helping to minimize damage to property and business.
– – Hanover i-on Fleet Telematics – Understanding how drivers operate corporate vehicles can help prevent significant damage and eliminate the impact of shipping delays or repair costs from minor accidents. The telematics program leverages app-based technology to monitor drivers, helping combat distracted driving and identify risky driver behaviors to help prevent accidents and manage fleet safety.
– – Hanover i-on Workplace Ergonomics – Preventing workplace injuries keeps workers on the job and reduces exposure to workers’ compensation claims. Wearable sensors can help assess the risks of manual handling injuries to businesses and identify solutions using sensor technology and data insights.
– – Hanover i-on Heavy Equipment Tracking – Stolen or lost equipment can cause project delays and costly replacement expenses. The sensor-assisted asset tracking capability helps locate stolen heavy equipment so you can be sure these costly tools are in the right place at the right time

Manual handling injuries are a major cause of injury in the workplace, sidelining workers and production and resulting in workers’ comp claims. Many of those injuries are preventable. As part of the Hanover i-on Workplace Ergonomics Program, Risk Solutions has partnered with dorsaVi to help evaluate the risks of those injuries and find solutions using sensor technology and data insights with their ViSafe program.

The program takes advantage of state-of-the-art technology to help evaluate material handling situations “to be sure they aren’t an injury waiting to happen – and correct the situation if they are.”

ViSafe uses medical-grade wearable movement and muscle activity sensors, software and sophisticated algorithms, to provide objective and actionable data that profiles the movement risk of jobs, and the tasks within those jobs. Wearable sensors placed on low back and shoulders evaluate specific material handling tasks and send data to the myViSafe program, accessible on an iPhone or iPad. The program evaluates whether the employee is at risk of injury and recommends safer techniques to perform the task.

Data gathered and shared with employees at risk helps employers engage with staff on safe work practices, a firm step toward cooperation and improvement. Information gathered can also be used to evaluate tasks for return-to-work programs.