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As mandates continue to come down from the state, local governments are taking a stand by passing resolutions to avoid COVID related mandates.

The East Bay Times reports that six of the seven City of Oroville council members voted to make Oroville a Constitutional Republic City.

Vice Mayor Scott Thomson, who requested the resolution, says “What we are doing is protecting our citizens’ rights as much as we can on the local level.

“In a way, we are acting as a sanctuary city for our citizens and their rights and freedoms protected by the U.S. and state constitutions,” he added. “Gavin Newsom modeled this type of declaration for us when he declared San Francisco a sanctuary city for what he believed to be overreach by the federal government against his citizens.”

Thompson requested the measure, which was passed 6-1 by the city council on Nov. 2. The resolution is intended to allow the city to opt out of enforcing “any executive orders issued by the state of California or by the United States federal government that are overreaching or clearly violate our constitutionally protected rights.”

And in neighboring Nevada, the Nevada Independent reports that Lyon County became the latest rural county to declare an economic emergency and decline to enforce the governor’s COVID-19 directives on the basis that they hurt businesses.

The county of about 58,000 people joins the rural resistance along with White Pine, Elko and Eureka counties, which are less populous.

“It’s very important the rural counties of our great state to be united with one message going forward,” said Lyon County Commissioner Ken Gray, who spearheaded the effort. “We must stand together as one to face the abuses of our civil liberties which have taken place and stop them from going any further. Instead of working with the local government of Nevada as he should, the governor has chosen to ignore them and their residents.”

And not far away in Oklahoma, The Oklahoman reports that in one of his first acts as the head of the Oklahoma National Guard, new Adjutant General Thomas Mancino ordered that no members of the Oklahoma National Guard be required to take a COVID-19 vaccine.

The memo obtained by The Oklahoman also notes “no negative administrative or legal action will be taken” against guard members who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine.

And Courthouse News reports that Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed sweeping restrictions on Covid-19 safety measures into law late Friday following a whirlwind three-day special legislative session at the tail end of last month.

The restrictions, which affect the authority of schools, health officials and private businesses, have been met with pushback from leaders in those communities and are expected to be met with legal challenges.

Some of the restrictions under the new legislation include prohibiting businesses that do not receive federal funds from requiring employees to receive a Covid-19 vaccine or request proof of it. The rule also applies to government agencies and public schools.