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The share of Americans who are required by their employer to get vaccinated against COVID-19 took a jump up in August to 19 percent, according to a Gallup poll reported on September 8. The percentage doubled in the last month. But not all employees are happy with this development.

A lawsuit, that was filed by LAPD Officers Saturday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, claims the mandate violates the employees’ constitutional rights to privacy and due process, and asks the court to provide immediate and permanent relief from the requirement.

The six LAPD employees suing include individuals “who could not assert a medical or religious exemption” to the vaccine requirement, as well as individuals who have “experienced and recovered from COVID-19” and have natural antibodies to fight the virus, the complaint states.

The lawsuit alleges the city’s mandate ignores the natural protections provided by such antibodies and claims the suing employees “can safely perform their job duties protecting themselves, fellow employees and the community they serve through non-pharmaceutical interventions such as daily health screenings, wearing masks, and quarantine.”

The suit also claims the employees have been subjected to harassment and undue pressure to get vaccinated by LAPD leaders, including a captain who said during a roll call meeting that the city was willing to fire thousands of officers if they don’t get vaccinated.

It alleges that commanders have called unvaccinated officers “unfit for duty” and told them that they would be denied promotions and special assignments based on their unvaccinated status.

First responders nationwide have been among the more vociferous opponents of mandatory vaccination, though they are often exposed to more risks of infection. Los Angeles firefighter John Knox, who leads a group called Firefighters for Freedom, claims that the vaccine mandate violated members’ constitutional rights.

A coalition of Oregon police officers and firefighters have sued Gov. Kate Brown over a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for state employees.

The plaintiffs – including the Oregon Fraternal Order of Police and the Kingsley Firefighters Association – argued in a lawsuit filed this September in a Jefferson County court that Brown’s executive order violates a number of laws and want it blocked.