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The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board has issued a notice of public hearing regarding proposed additions and amendments to its Rules of Practice and Procedure.

The online public hearing is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. on Friday, September 24 via the Zoom meeting platform.

Members of the public may also submit written comments until 4 p.m. that day using this submission form. If written comments are timely submitted, it is not necessary to present oral comments at the public hearing.

The primary purpose of this rulemaking is to formalize the processes for the remote hearings, electronic filing, and electronic service that developed during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The WCAB’s notice of the proposed rulemaking, the text of the proposed regulations, and the initial statement of reasons can be found on its rulemaking page.

Equal weight will be accorded to oral and written comments. However, the WCAB prefers written comments submitted electronically, which must be submitted using the comment submission form. Electronic comments submitted in any other format will not be accepted or considered.

Written comments may also be submitted by mail to the address below. Hard copy comments should consist only of text-based narratives, should not contain any other formatting such as letterheads or graphics, and should not rely on the use of color or images to convey information not conveyed in the text-based narrative. Improperly formatted hard-copy documents will be subject to rejection and may not be accepted or considered.

Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board
Attention: Julie Podbereski, Regulations Coordinator
455 Golden Gate Avenue
Ninth Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102

The WCAB will consider all properly submitted comments and encourages all interested members of the workers’ compensation community to participate in this important process.

To attend the online public hearing or present statements or arguments orally, please use the following link:
Password: 211916