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In an online event, Tesla’s CEO announced some projects for the future, including a prototype of a humanoid robot that should arrive (in prototype) by next year.

Noting that Tesla is “much more than an electric car company,” this Teslabot prototype will be the beginning of the creation of a machine that will replace workers in many tasks that are repetitive, dangerous or boring.

While Musk only presented an image of the robot during the event, the company already has a solid vision of what the machine will look like.

He underscored that the robot will be “friendly” and at a mechanical and physical level “you can run away from it,” and “most likely overpower it.”

It will stand at 5’8″ tall and weigh 125 pounds, thanks to the use of lightweight materials for its body, with a screen for a face that it can use to display useful information. The machine will be able to move with a top speed of 5mph, which is just a bit faster than the average human walking speed, and will have the capacity to carry loads of up to 45 pounds.

It will be designed to do various dangerous and repetitive tasks for humans and navigate our world without having to be fed step-by-step instructions.

Musk said it should be able to follow simple commands, like “Please pick up that bolt and attach it to the car with that wrench.” It should also be able to get groceries for owners and perform other menial tasks.

Arguing that the foundation of economy is labor, Musk mused about a universal basic income and a world in which “physical work will be a choice, if you want to you can do it but you won’t need to.” Ideally, it would do boring, repetitive and dangerous jobs.

The Tesla AI team developed an AI chip with the lowest latency possible and extremely high bandwidth deployed in a supercomputer called the Exapod.