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The DWC has not accepted any walk-in documents or walk-through documents as a safety measure resulting from the COVID pandemic.

Documents have only been accepted via e-filing, JET filing or by mail since that time.  However, the pandemic related restrictions are showing some signs of relaxation at at least one local office.

Pamela Pulley, the Presiding Judge – Division of Workers’ Compensation Santa Ana Office – announced the status of her office availability for the immediate future.

She said that “First and foremost, let me be clear that we do not yet have a date to reopen the office for hearings.

“We do, however, have a date to reopen our counters to the public.”

As of Monday July 26th, her offices will be open for the very limited purpose of filing documents, dropping off rating requests, obtaining calendar dates for hearings, copy service, and providing information and assistance to unrepresented litigants.

They are not yet reopening for walking through settlements or hearings of any nature. Those will continue to be conducted online and/or over the phone for the time being.

The building’s current policy is that unvaccinated persons must continue to wear masks.