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The Medical Indicators & Trends dashboard – Q4 2020 Edition is part of NCCI’s ongoing strategy to deliver more medical data insight.

It provides an interactive way to visualize state-specific information presented in the Q2 and Q3 2020 Medical Perspective reports and allows readers to download various summary tables.

More detailed state-specific Medical Data Reports can be found in State Insight, which is available to affiliates and regulators.

NCCI just announced the second edition of the dashboard.

It now includes summarized statistics for hospital outpatient services and ambulatory surgery centers, in addition to the key metrics it has been following, to better understand the direct and indirect impacts of COVID-19.

These include impacts to physician services, time to treatment, telemedicine, prescription drugs, and specific COVID-19 treated claim characteristics.

The data source used in this dashboard is NCCI’s Medical Data Call. The Medical Data Call represents data from most of the workers compensation premium written, which includes experience for large-deductible policies. Lump-sum settlements are not required to be reported. Also, self-insured data is generally not included.

While it is too early to fully assess the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic will have on the workers compensation system, this dashboard allows users to analyze state-specific medical treatment results during the spread of the pandemic.