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The Division of Workers’ Compensation announced that as of July 26, 2021, the public counters at all district offices will open for in-person filing, questions, and assistance.

The Return-to-Work Supplement kiosks will also reopen. Information and Assistance officers will be onsite in most offices to answer questions and provide other assistance.

Parties are strongly encouraged to continue to submit documents by the DWC’s e-filing or JET filing system to reduce processing times due to limited DWC in-office staffing.

The Eureka office is now completely virtual as announced in the Newsline dated April 14, 2021, and all documents for cases venued in Eureka that cannot be e-filed or JET filed should be mailed to the Santa Rosa office.

District offices will not hold in-person hearings or accept “walk-through” documents at this time.

Until further notice, DWC will continue to hear all mandatory settlement conferences, priority conferences, status conferences, case-in-chief trials, lien conferences, lien trials, Special Adjudication Unit (SAU) trials and expedited hearings telephonically via the individually assigned judges’ conference lines as announced in Newslines issued on April 3, April 28, May 28, August 12, and September 9, 2020.

Parties may continue to contact the DWC’s call center to obtain assistance via telephone at (909) 383-4522.