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Cal/OSHA has cited Foster Poultry Farms, Inc. in Livingston (Foster Farms) and four staffing agencies for not protecting workers from COVID-19.

Cal/OSHA opened its inspection after receiving notification that an employee had died from COVID-19 complications, and subsequently determined that Foster Farms and one of its staffing agencies did not timely report the COVID-19 fatality as required.

Cal/OSHA also opened a separate inspection at the facility’s distribution center. Foster Farms utilized employees from the following staffing agencies that were also cited for COVID-19 violations.

– – Foster Poultry Farms, Inc. – (Poultry Plant) – $103,100.
– – Foster Poultry Farms, Inc. – (Distribution Center) – $78,400.
– – Human Bees, Inc., DBA Human Bees – (Staffing) – $41,000.
– – Marcos Renteria Ag Services, Inc. – (Staffing) – $36,000.
– – Intermountain Employment Services, DBA Ascend – (Staffing) – $18,000.
– – Staffing Solutions Inc. DBA Balance – (Staffing) – $16,200.

Cal/OSHA cited Foster Farms $103,100, for five serious, one repeat regulatory, and two regulatory violations at its Livingston plant; and $78,400 for three serious, one repeat regulatory, and two regulatory violations at the distribution center.

Regulatory violations were issued in both Foster Farms inspections and to Human Bees, Inc. for their failure to timely report work-related fatalities. Additionally, Cal/OSHA issued serious violations related to their Injury and Illness Prevention Programs many of which stemmed from failing to properly communicate, assess, correct, and train on COVID-19 workplace hazards.

The third serious violation at the plant was cited for a blocked eyewash station.

A full list of employers cited for COVID-19 violations is posted on Cal/OSHA’s website.