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Applied Underwriters will be featured in episodes of an upcoming TV series called Back from the Brink.

The series, set for the fourth quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022 on the Discovery Life channel, will be presented weekday evenings in prime time nationally.

Each episode will feature the real-life stories of individuals who suffered and survived near death accidents, but whose sudden, dire circumstances required an enormous degree of care from a cross-section of individuals and professionals working with unusual devotion to bring these victims back to enjoy a good quality of life.

Back from the Brink researchers identified several sources, including Applied Underwriters, because it has been regularly cited, including recently by the State of California, as a top performer in claims management.

Several of the episodes will be drawn from Applied Underwriters’ files, notably the stirring saga of an electrical lines worker who was electrocuted falling to his “near death” only to be rescued and brought back to life with the use of his limbs and a reconfigured face and neck through groundbreaking surgeries.

A second, compelling story is that of a severely injured lumberjack who fell 60 feet to the ground and was crushed by the tree he was cutting, only to be brought back to vitality by an amazing concert of a giving family, devoted clergy, and a talented, focused team of professionals.

The choice of Applied Underwriters’ experiences and successes in treating patients all the way through to the revitalization of their lives and capacities is a great source of pride for Applied, according to Steve Menzies, the Company’s Chairman: “The role that our Claims Department and others have played in the recovery of so many injured workers over the years is itself a deep source of gratification to the Company’s dedicated staff; that it is recognized and selected for airing, is a second source of great satisfaction to us all.”

Mr. Menzies continued, “Our philosophical approach is ‘service well beyond the letter of the policy and the financial resolution. We believe that our Company’s good soul is expressed in the treatment of claimants, especially injured workers who have had to come ‘back from the brink.'”

The program will look at the ways an injured person’s community of resources worked to overcome challenging odds, following changing courses and regimens as the patients recovered and reached the plateaus that marked progress, according to Mr. Menzies, who concluded: “We believe that the insurance industry does not get the credit it deserves for playing a role beyond simply paying claims fully and promptly, so we appreciate the angle that this show takes – demonstrating that recovery is a concerted effort of many committed professionals who, while concentrating upon one injured worker, martial resources from far and wide to bring to bear – all, with special determination and courage. We hope the series will present insurers in a more fittingly favorable light and have a great following. We are delighted to be a part of it.”