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Marlene Cavalcanti, 40, pleaded guilty to two felony counts of insurance fraud and identity theft after falsifying documents to receive an additional $10,590 on her workers’ compensation claim.

Cavalcanti, employed as an executive assistant, reportedly fell at work and sustained injuries. As a result of her subsequent workers’ compensation claim, Cavalcanti received more than $42,000 in total temporary disability payments in addition to her medical treatment.

An investigation by the Department of Insurance revealed after being placed on disability, Cavalcanti ceased medical treatment and began working for another company. During this time, she submitted multiple fictitious doctors reports in an attempt to continue to receive disability payments from the workers’ compensation insurance company.

When confronted by detectives, Cavalcanti ultimately admitted to the fraudulent documents and forged doctors’ signatures.

During the investigation, department detectives discovered Cavalcanti attempted to file a new workers’ compensation claim at a different insurance company with her new employer.

The new workers’ compensation claim dates and injuries were similar and overlapped with her initial claim. The investigation by detectives prevented payment on this subsequent fraudulent claim and the insurance company incurred no loss.

“The Marin County District Attorney’s Office will continue to partner with the California Department of Insurance to investigate and prosecute workers’ compensation fraud in every form. Whether it is claimant fraud as in the case of Ms. Cavalcanti, which drive up premiums for employers, or businesses who seek to gain an unfair advantage by underinsuring their employees, workers’ compensation fraud remains a priority for our office,” said Deputy District Attorney Sean Kensinger.

Cavalcanti is expected back in court September 9, 2020 for sentencing. The Marin County District Attorney’s Office prosecuted this case.