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Some California businesses and others are taking legal action against Gov. Gavin Newsom over his announced plans to reopen California for business. He now faces a slew of lawsuits over his handling of the ongoing pandemic.

Tesla filed a lawsuit Saturday against Alameda County in an effort to invalidate orders that have prevented the automaker from reopening its factory in Fremont, California. The lawsuit seeks injunctive and declaratory relief. and was filed in U.S. District Court for California’s Northern District. Elon Musk has now also threatened to move its headquarters and future programs to Texas or Nevada immediately.

Tesla had planned to bring back about 30% of its factory workers Friday as part of its reopening plan, defying Alameda County’s stay-at-home order.

A San Diego resident on Thursday filed a federal lawsuit against California Governor Gavin Newsom over his stay-home-orders and the closure of businesses. JD Bols, the man at the center of the lawsuit, said it is “a move aimed at freeing the people of California from home confinement, reopening the state’s $3.1 trillion economy, and putting Californians back to work immediately.

A federal judge last week said Gov. Newsom had the right to ban church assemblies to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Judge John Mendez ruled Tuesday that Newsom’s stay-at-home order did not violate the constitutional rights to free assembly and religion when the Cross Culture Christian Center in Lodi was ordered to cease holding services. The church held services until its landlord, under threat of misdemeanor from county health officials, changed the locks on the church doors.

A civil rights attorney in the Bay Area has filed half a dozen lawsuits claiming Newsom’s current orders are an infringement on human rights. “The governor is overreaching on a number of grounds,” said civil rights attorney Harmeet Dhillon. “The governor has chosen to limit protests to zero in this state, which is outrageous and absurd.”

Nail salons statewide are now planning to sue the governor after he claimed the origin of coronavirus in the state stemmed from the salons. “I think my brain stopped working and I was saying, what the hell?” explained Kelvin Pham, producer of the “Nailed It” documentary which explores the history of Vietnamese salons. “I never heard anything like that before.”

Salon owners have said Newsom’s statement can be detrimental to its future business and are demanding the evidence behind his claim.

Meanwhile, the governor has also recently announced his plan to help illegal aliens with a $500 check at taxpayer’s expense. The Center for American Liberty filed the emergency petition with the California Supreme Court last Wednesday on behalf of two plaintiffs, Ricardo Benitez and Jessica Martinez, both are candidates for a seat on the California State Assembly; The California Supreme Court ordered the governor to respond to the Center for American Liberty’s emergency Writ.

California’s stay-at-home order is has no set end date, but the Democrat governor said stage three of reopening could be just a month away.