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A former Santa Clara city police officer has been charged with faking the severity of an injury so that he could receive thousands of dollars in fraudulent disability payments.

Kenneth Henderson, 53, will be arraigned on felony workers’ comp fraud charges in the Hall of Justice in San Jose.

Henderson’s arrest comes about a year after his wife – a former Santa Clara County Sheriff’s lieutenant – was arrested in Las Vegas for an almost identical felony. She was convicted last year.

According to prosecutors, both husband and wife competed as body builders.

Kenneth Henderson claimed that he was injured while picking up a stack of five traffic cones on October 18, 2015. As a result of the injury, he was eventually put on permanent disability and retired from the force in 2016. After retirement, he continued to receive treatment paid for by the City of Santa Clara. He continued to present himself as completely disabled.

Last July, the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office began investigating a referral by an insurance carrier who claimed that Henderson, despite his disability, was seen completing rigorous workouts at a 24 Hour Fitness center in Las Vegas.

The activities were captured on surveillance video when Henderson’s wife, Mandy Henderson, was being surveilled as part of a workers’ compensation insurance investigation by the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department.

Mandy Henderson was later convicted of felony workers’ compensation fraud.

A review of Kenneth Henderson’s insurance documents, medical records, and surveillance video revealed that he exaggerated his injury.

One doctor reported that his presentation during medical appointments was like that of a stroke victim