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San Diego chiropractor, George Reese, with offices on El Cajon Boulevard, was indicted in 2015 for referring patients to a Los Angeles area medical service provider. Foremost Shockwave Solutions in return for bribes.

The bribes were set by the conspirators at $100 per patient and paid through an intermediary. After taking a cut amounting to $25 per patient, the intermediary would pay the remaining $75 per patient to Reese.

Foremost Shockwave Solutions was allegedly controlled by attorney Lee Mathis and Fernando Valdes its president. Both were also indicted. Although disguised as “office rent” payments, the illegal bribes were allegedly paid in cash during clandestine exchanges in restaurants and parking lots.

The indictment alleged that defendant Foremost Shockwave Solutions and others engaged in a $22 million kickback and bribery scheme through which co-conspirators paid bribes and kickbacks to physicians to refer California Workers’ Compensation patients to Foremost.

For example, $6,000 in cash was delivered to Reese in the parking lot of the Jolly Roger in Oceanside, hidden in a gift bag. Other times, it was passed in envelopes or stashed inside newspapers.

According to the indictment, Reese and his codefendants generated and submitted bills to insurers totaling in the tens of millions of dollars. Most of these treatments involved the providing of “Shockwave therapy,” which uses low energy sound waves to initiate tissue repair. Proceeds from the insurance claims generated through this scheme were paid to Mathis and Valdes.

Reese pleaded guilty in June 2016. and began serving a one year one day sentence. Valdez entered into a plea agreement in July 2017.

Foremost Shockwave Solutions has just entered into an agreement with prosecutors that provided the following. Foremost agrees that “it will not, directly or indirectly, attempt to collect or collect on any bills, claims, or liens filed by FOREMOST SHOCKWAVE SOLUTIONS or on its behalf.”

In exchange, the United States will dismiss, without prejudice, the pending charges against Foremost.