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Huge research companies may be putting their thumb on the scale in favor of increasing public use of cannabis world wide.

EMMAC Life Sciences Ltd is the European medical cannabis company, working to join together the latest science and research with cutting-edge cultivation, extraction and production. Hyris is a privately held, UK-based biotechnology company founded in 2014 by an entrepreneurial team with deep experience in biotechnology and electronics.

EMMAC,announced an exclusive collaboration with Hyris Ltd, to develop a comprehensive library of genetic profiles of existing cannabis varieties, and to industrialise DNA-based methods for the identification of its unique branded cultivars.

The Hyris platform will enable EMMAC to gain an exact overview of available cannabis species as well as run specific DNA-based tests for the positive identification of EMMAC proprietary strains, ensuring industry-leading quality control, regulatory compliance and anti-counterfeiting assurance for customers and partners.

The portable, distributed testing platform ensures that all stakeholders (industrial, agronomy, Pharma, patients’ advocacy, regulators) from multiple geographies are able to participate in the creation and exchange of data through a proprietary cloud-based platform in real time, ensuring immediate access to the latest required information.

Barbara Pacchetti, Chief Scientific Officer of EMMAC, commented: “EMMAC is committed to investing in the latest innovations in cannabis cultivation, extraction, production and other value-adding associated technologies, to ensure the highest quality medical cannabis product for our customers. The Hyris platform enables us to provide industry-leading quality assurance for our products, across geographies in real-time to our multiple stakeholders.”

Stefano Lo Priore, CEO of Hyris, commented: “We are excited about this partnership and look forward to providing value to EMMAC, its partners, customers and regulators. As an emerging leader in the DNA-based analysis of plants, Hyris looks forward to the growing number of diverse stakeholders able to generate and process highly relevant genetic data to ensure quality, traceability and compliance.”

Earlier this month, EMMAC bought French hemp-based and cannabis healthcare company GreenLeaf, as the legal use of cannabis for medicinal purposes steadily increases.

Cannabis stocks have been a growing trend on world stock markets, particularly on the Toronto stock exchange after Canada became one of the first major economies to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.