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The Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) has released an online version of its 2019 Annual Report. This report was distributed in hard copy at the Institute’s recently held annual conference.

WCRI’s 2019 Annual Report takes a comprehensive look at all of the Institute’s activities in 2018. It begins with a letter from WCRI CEO John Ruser, who compares the Institute now with 35 years ago. The following are among the information included in the report:

— Studies published in 2018, as well as a review of some of them
— Where the research was used and shared
— Presentations given, including webinars
— Corporate social responsibility
— Impact of social media
— Number of media mentions
— Interviews with WCRI members
— List of WCRI’s members and supporters

The report thanks WCRI’s members and friends for their support, which has enabled WCRI to produce independent, credible, and high-quality research on state workers’ compensation systems for 35 years.

“I hope everyone gets a chance to view our annual report. It provides an overview of the research we published last year as well as how that research was used by policymakers and other stakeholders to make more informed decisions,” said John Ruser, president and CEO of WCRI.