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The Office of Self-Insurance Plans is a program within the director’s office of the Department of Industrial Relations responsible for the oversight and regulation of workers’ compensation self-insurance in California.

OSIP is also responsible for establishing and insuring that required security deposits are posted by self-insurers in amounts sufficient to collateralize against potential defaults by self-insured employers and groups.

OSIP has posted proposed regulations that will require self-insured public entities to file annual reports providing demographic, claim and financial data regarding their workers’ compensation programs. The reports will be due by October 1 of each year and shall cover liabilities for the preceding July 1 – June 30 fiscal year.

The proposed regulations, mandated by Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.’s 2012 workers’ compensation reforms, will allow for greater transparency of the solvency and viability of self-insured workers’ compensation programs and the true liabilities of public entities.

As specified by Labor Code section 3702.2(a), the changes would require public entities to report portions of their financial statements pertaining to workers’ compensation liabilities.

Public entities would also be required to provide aggregate information as a point of reference for other public entities.

The proposed regulations were developed in accordance with the recommendations of a 2014 report conducted by the Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation, Examination of California Public Sector Self-Insurance Workers’ Compensation Program.

The notice and text of the regulations can be found on the proposed regulations web page.

A public hearing on the proposed regulations has been scheduled for 10 a.m. January 23, 2019, in Room 11 at the Elihu M. Harris State Building, 1515 Clay Street, Oakland, 94612. Members of the public may also submit written comments on the regulations until 5 p.m. that day.