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Janak K.. Mehtani, M.D. was issued a physician and surgeons certificate by the California Medical Board in 1978. He specialized in psychiatry with an office located at 2951 Fulton avenue in Sacramento. He practiced in an office clinic under the business name of Fair Oaks Psychiatric Associates. He is also listed by the DWC as a QME in psychiatry at that same address.

The current QME Disciplined Physicians List shows that his QME certification has been evoked with revocation stayed, and he was placed on probation through October 11, 2019 concurrent with Medical Board probation.

The Medical Board filed an Accusation against Mehtani accusing him of “grossly negligent acts in his care and treatment of Patients” three of whom were identified only by their initials. All three were being treated for the effects of workers’ compensation injuries.

One of them identified by the initials GC was a 47 year old female who was employed at a warehouse where she was injured on a number of different occasions and has had cumulative injuries since then. The first injury was in 2003 and she was first seen by Mehtani in 2008.

The Medical Board reviewed his clinical notes, and noted many medical errors and historical inconsistencies in his treatment of this patient. For example, with respect to patient GC, the Board alleged that he “prescribed atypical antipsychotics without clear indication for their necessity.” and he “inappropriately prescribed antipsychotics to Patient GC who has diabetes, to treat problems for sleep, depression and anxiety.”

GC was not proficient in English. The Board noted that Mehtani used his medical assistant to act as translator, and as a result he “failed to provide an interpreter in order for Patient GC to freely share her feelings and be open to psychotherapeutic interventions.”

The Board noted that he “also documented a global statement without providing any clinical justification or explanation. Respondent noted that ‘She remains disabled from gainful employment’ without explaining and documenting exactly what was Patient GC’s disability, how the disability affects her life and what are the barriers for progress.”

The Board also listed allegation against Mehtani for his treatment of Patient JC is a 59-year-old male who experienced a work related injury in 1989. And a third persons, Patient RW, a 48-year-old, male who was seriously injured during the course of his employment while on his way to a service call, He sustained a serious head injury and has been totally and permanently disabled ever since.

Mehtani signed a Stipulated Settlement and Disciplinary Order with the consent of his attorney. The Stipulation was the basis of the Medical Board and subsequent DWC probation orders.