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Last August, another Massachusetts-based insurtech, Oyster Insurance, began offering Workers’ Comp. insurance in both New York and New Jersey. The company now insures over 70 classes of business in those states.

The company is now licensed in 26 states, Oyster Insurance just announced that they have begun providing workers’ compensation insurance to small businesses in California.

And, Oyster plans to launch their workers’ compensation coverage in an additional six states throughout 2019.

Coverage initially began with professional classes such as software consulting firms, lawyers and medical and dental offices. The company has expanded into covering variety stores, groceries/delis, bakeries, eating places, drug stores, jewelry stores and florists.

“Obtaining regulatory approval in California is very important to Oyster and to our partner network,” said Curt Stevenson, Managing Director at Oyster Insurance.

“The majority of our larger digital distribution partners are not only based in the Bay Area, but have a significant amount of their small business customers throughout the state. In aggregate, 40 percent of our potential customers are based in California and we are committed to their success.”

Oyster is enabling entrepreneurs and small business owners the ability to bind coverage online 24×7. Providing real-time quoting and binding capabilities to partners has been a significant factor in Oyster’s growth.

Oyster says they fuse technology, empathy and expertise to make insurance what it should be: simple and stress-free.

Backed by A.M. Best A rated underwriting, and fortified by decades of tech and insurance experience, Oyster was designed from scratch to be user-friendly and customer-focused, providing the utmost in security and value for its small business customers.