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Perry Roy Segal M.D., License No. C 39242, is a 1976 graduate of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He was licensed as a California Physician and Surgeon in June 1980. He is listed as a QME in psychiatry with an office at 250 Blossom Hill Road, in Los Gatos California.

The DWC Disciplined Physicians List shows that his QME certification has been revoked with revocation stayed. He was placed on probation from 10/18/2018 through 10/18/2019 concurrent with Medical Board probation and discipline order..

The Accusation filed against Dr. Segal in July 2015 claimed he engaged in “unprofessional conduct amounting to gross negligence and/or repeated negligent acts and/or incompetence in the care and treatment of Patient T.D.” He had been treating this patient for depression and anxiety, allegedly stemming in part from a possible work-related injury since March, 1999.

On August 6, 2013, the Medical Board received a complaint from a pharmacist, Dr. R. W., at the Fox Army Health Center in Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, regarding Dr. Segal’s prescriptions of pain medication to Patient T.D.

In an interview with the Medical Board, Dr. R. W . detailed that Patient T.D. was receiving prescriptions for Percocet from the Respondent which she filled in Alabama, but that Patient T.D. also filled other pain medication prescriptions in California. Dr. R. W .also reported that it appeared that Respondent, a psychiatrist, was prescribing pain medications and performing pain management without conducting proper physical examinations.

Dr. R. W. reported that she tried repeatedly to discuss the situation with Respondent, who would not contact her. Eventually, Dr. R. W. reached Respondent, who was uncooperative and evasive, telling her that Patient T . D . was a family friend. Ultimately, the Fox Army Health Center refused to fill additional prescriptions for Patient T.D.

Pharmacy and medical records show that during a sample three-year period, Dr. Segal prescribed Patient T.D. various doses and quantities of Demerol, Percocet, Valium, Ambien, Dilaudid, Soma, and Xanax. During this time, Patient T.D. also received pain medications from at least four other doctors.

During his interview with the Board, Segal admitted that he had prescribed pain medications to Patient T.D .for at least a decade, and that he did so as a stop-gap measure to support her during a time when he believed that she had difficulty receiving pain medications from her other health care providers. He stated that he prescribed several dangerous drugs and narcotics to Patient T.D. because she asked for them by name.

During his interview with the Board, Dr. Segal admitted that in the more than ten years of prescribing her pain medication, he had never checked with Patient T. D. s other doctors to ensure that she was not receiving pain medication from multiple providers. He also admitted that he had never checked the Control led Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES) to verify her claims that she could not get pain medication from other providers. During his interview with the Board, he admitted that he did not know that CURES existed.

Had he checked CURES or with Patient T. D .’s other health care providers, he would have learned that she was receiving pain medication from at least four other doctors.

In May 2016, Dr. Segal and his attorney signed a Stipulated Settlement with the California Medical Board.