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The Riverside District Attorney’s Office has charged a QME with offices in Corona and Wildomar with seven felonies related to a workers’ compensation insurance fraud scheme.

Dr. Sanjoy Banerjee, DOB: 12-1-75, of Corona, was charged on May 29, 2018, with two counts of insurance fraud and five counts of perjury. Dr. Banerjee has since posted bail and is scheduled to be arraigned on July 7, 2018, at 8:30 a.m. in Dept. 61 at the Hall of Justice in Riverside.

Banerjee claims on his website that he is the Founder and Medical Director of Pacific Pain Care.

He graduated medical school from Imperial College, School of Medicine in London, England. Completed his Anesthesiology Residency at University of Rochester N.Y. and ACGME accredited Pain Management Fellowship Program from the University of California at Davis.

He says he is triple board bertified in Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine and Addiction Medicine.. He is also a Qualified Medical Evaluator for the State of California Workers compensation system for both his Widomar and Corona office addresses.

He also claims on his website that he holds a Clinical Faculty position for the Adventist Health Family Practice Program and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at Loma Linda University Medical Center as well as an Assistant Clinical Professor for the Department of Medicine at U.C. Riverside School of Medicine.

An investigation conducted by the DA’s Bureau of Investigation found that from November 2014 through December 2016, Banerjee, a Wildomar- and Corona-based workers’ compensation pain management doctor, allegedly illegally self-referred workers’ compensation patients to a clinical laboratory and an office-based surgical center he owned.

Through that laboratory and surgical center, Dr. Banerjee allegedly billed more than $180,000 for urine toxicology testing and/or epidural injections.

Dr. Banerjee also reportedly signed at least five doctor’s reports declaring under penalty of perjury he had not referred patients to his own companies. The investigation revealed that Dr. Banerjee referred some of his workers’ compensation patients to his business, Rochester Imperial Surgical Center, which was located in a patient exam room inside the Pacific Pain Care office suite in Wildomar.

The case, RIF1802535 is being prosecuted by Deputy DA Kristen Allison of the DA’s Insurance Fraud Team.