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ESIS®, Inc., Chubb’s risk management division, announced a new workers’ compensation solution that it says is designed to help streamline the claims process, enabling employers to reduce associated legal costs and helping employees return to work quickly after a work-related incident.

The new advocacy model, ESIS Care(SM), is designed to keep the employee at the center of the claim process, fostering more confidence for employees going through the workers compensation claims process while helping to establish a transparent relationship with the employer.

As part of the ESIS Care solution, both employers and employees have access to a dedicated network of intake, clinical, and claims representatives, alongside specialists known as Care Champions, who are responsible for helping to support both parties throughout the duration of a claim. The company lists the expected outcomes as follows:

– Eliminate perceived barriers within the workers compensation claims process
– Improved return-to-work rate due to ESIS’ continual care and concern for employees, and constant communication and consultative care from day one
– Decrease in litigation rates as a result of fewer instances of employee dissatisfaction or confusion
– Reduced length of treatment and subsequent medical costs on claims
– Partnership and consultation for injured workers resulting in a simplified claims process
– Maximized claim outcomes
– ESIS’ integrated design keeps employees at the center of the claim process, from start to finish
– Promoting additional collaboration and trust helps increase productivity and employee satisfaction

Veronica Cressman, Senior Vice President, ESIS Medical Programs says that “On the employer side, ESIS Care encourages trust on behalf of the employers, ultimately reducing legal involvement and high medical costs often associated with workers compensation issues. For employees, our new advocacy model helps eliminate perceived barriers, increases communication, and provides a customized level of care, while providing more transparency about the process so employees can quickly return to work.”

“Increased employee absence, higher loss costs, and gaps in communication can easily occur during the workers compensation claims process and lead to higher litigation rates and employee dissatisfaction, resulting in workforce turnover,” said Cressman.

“ESIS Care enables Care Champions to operate as consultative partners for employers and trusted advisors for their employees.

ESIS Care is designed to help clients with their unique program needs, from helping employees understand their treatment and recovery plans, to ensuring employers are aware of the next steps for returning the employee back to work.”