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The Division of Workers’ Compensation encourages attorneys representing California injured workers to now submit independent medical review (IMR) applications and medical records online with MOVEit file transfer system.

MOVEit is a web-based portal that allows users to submit files securely and is the best and most reliable way to transmit medical records to MAXIMUS Federal Services, Inc., the independent medical review organization. The system also provides much better traceability than paper and fax submissions.

“We believe utilizing MOVEit for IMR applications will improve the efficiency and predictability of the IMR process,” said DWC Acting Administrative Director George Parisotto. “Attorneys will know with certainty that their applications have been received.”

Whether an applicant attorney chooses to submit a request for IMR via MOVEit or otherwise, it is very important do the following:

1) Include a copy of the complete utilization review (UR) determination with the IMR application form that was provided to you by your claims adjustor
2) Sign the IMR application form before submitting a request for IMR
3) Send the signed IMR application and the UR determination within 30 days of receiving the UR determination to the address on the form.
4) Remember to serve all parties

For further information on using MOVEit, contact