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The Department of Industrial Relations released its 2015 Legislative Digest which summarizes new laws and vetoed bills relevant to DIR and its divisions.

Most of the chaptered bills are slated to take effect on January 1 , 2016. Highlights of the chaptered bills include:

1) SB 358 mandates that women be paid equally for work that is substantially similar to the work of their male colleagues . It also prohibits discrimination or retaliation of employees who discuss their wages and those of their male colleagues .
2) SB 579 gives workers more flexibility to take job – protected leave to address child care issues, a schoo l emergency or to enroll or re – enroll a child in school.
3) AB 970 authorizes the Labor Commissioner’s office to issue citations for violations of local minimum wage laws and failure to reimburse employees for unpaid business expenses.
4) AB 1124 requires the Division of Workers’ Compensation to establish a prescription drug formulary for the California workers’ compensation system.
5) AB 1513 clarifies pay requirements for piece – rate workers’ mandated rest and recovery breaks and other nonproductive time, and addresses back liability by providing employers the opportunity, within a specified period, to make back wage payment s for rest and recovery breaks and other nonproductive time in exchange for relief from statutory penalties.