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The Division of Workers’ Compensation announced that Judge Jane Madsen will permanently transfer to the Eureka office effective August 1. Judge Madsen has been presiding over the calendar since former Presiding Judge Robert W. Kutz retired in 2013.

Judge Madsen will transfer from her former post as a judge in the Redding district office, where she has been since 2007. She joined DWC in 2005 as a workers’ compensation judge in the Long Beach office.

With only a single workers’ compensation judge, the Eureka office will become a satellite under the supervision of Santa Rosa Presiding Judge James Johnson. The transition will have no effect on access to the office by practitioners and injured workers in the Eureka area. Information and Assistance and Disability Evaluation services will be provided through coordination with the Santa Rosa and Redding offices, as they have been for some time.

The Eureka office will remain at its current location at 100 H Street, Room 202, although a move is possible in the future.