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A year long investigation by authorities into the activities of the California Injury Lawyers Inc. has lead to the arrest of an attorney, chiropractor and other operatives in Riverside County.

Peyman Heidary is one of the named defendants in the 8 page criminal complaint containing a total of 25 counts. Heidary at one time held California chiropractors license 25035 which is now reported to be inactive. The license was first issued in 1997. The Board records also reflect a forfeited license for Heidary Chiropractic Inc. Web searches reflect a chiropractic office at one time located at 1450 W 6th Street in Corona, and another at 15030 Imperial # A, in La Mirada. Corporate information also suggests that Peyman Heidary’s additional active roles include:president of California Healthcare Management Franchise, Inc. and president of The Best of California Promotions and Management, Inc. as well as past president of Doctor’s Reports, Inc. and past managing member of Bellflower Health Clinic, LLC. Riverside Health Clinic, LLC., Corona Health Clinic, LLC. and Santa Ana Health Clinic, LLC. The criminal complaint also alleges that Heidary was also known as Brian Heidary and “The Godfather.” It is believed that Heidary was involved in a total of nine medical clinics in the Southern California area.

The criminal case also involves attorney Cary David Abramowitz. State Bar records reflect that he was issued State Bar number 159906 in October 1992. This license is still active. The Bar reports that he is affiliated with California Injury Lawyer Inc. in Corona. A web search shows the office to be located at 495 E Rincon St #207, Corona,

A declaration in the case signed under penalty of perjury by William G. Hanley, Senior Investigator, Bureau of Investigation, Riverside Count District Attorney’s Office alleges that “Heidary was arrested on July 23, 2014 at 1700 hrs. for a bailable felony offense, to wit: a violation of Insurance Code section 11880 (four counts) with Penal Code section 12022.6 (A)(4) and Penal Code section 186.l l(a)(2) allegations, Defrauding State Compensation Insurance Fund with an excessive taking of more than 1.3 million dollars and the White Collar crime enhancement with a taking of more than $500,000.00. Additional Charges are Insurance Code section 11760 Defrauding an Insurance Company, Penal Code section l 82(a)(2) Conspiracy and Business and Professions Code section 2052(a).” The declaration goes on to state that Heidary was “acting as the head of a criminal organization consisting of illegally established medical clinics and a law firm whose main purpose is to milk money out of Workers’ Compensation Insurance Companies. Between 2008 and today this organization has processed thousands of workers’ compensation claims consisting of non-existent injuries. These cases were prepared and filed at defendant’s direction. The loss to the insurance companies could well exceed 50 million dollars, with a known loss to SCIF of 5 million at the time of the arrest. Aside from having access to large amounts of money in 26 identified Wells Fargo Bank Accounts we also believe that defendant has access to money in overseas bank accounts. Defendant is an Iranian nation (sic) I believe that should he be released on the scheduled bail amount there is a strong likelihood he will flee the State’s jurisdiction.” As a result of this declaration, a Superior Court Judge set bail at $5 million.

A list of the entities allegedly defrauded by this enterprise is extensive. The Complaint lists Amtrust North America, Western States, Zenith Insurance, American Alternative Insurance, California Contractors Network, California Restaurant Mutual, Everest National Insurance Company, Lincoln General Insurance Company, Manufacturers Alliance Insurance Company, Pennsylvania’s Manufacturers Associated Insurance Company, Pennsylvania Manufacturers Indemnity Company, Tower Insurance Company, Zurich American Insurance Group, Crum and Foster Insurance Company, ACE USA Insurance (TPA ISIS), AIG and CNA Insurance, No doubt there are others yet to be identified.

Jail records reflect that Heidary was arrested last Wednesday and remains in custody at Robert Presley Detention Center with his court appearance set for July 29.

Entities currently under investigation include Heidary Chiropractic Inc, The Best of California Business Promotions and Mgmt, Bellflower Health Clinic, LLC, Santa Ana Health Clinic, LLC, Corona Health Clinic, LLC, Ontario Health Clinic, LLC, Riverside Health Clinic, LLC, Anaheim Health Clinic LLC, and Montebello Health Clinic, LLC. Special Investigation Units with relevant information about this entities may contact M. J. Mayman, Deputy District Attorney, Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, Special Prosecutions Section-White Collar Crime, 3960 Orange Street, Suite 1015 in Riverside, California 92501, Telephone No.: 951-955-5400. Cell: No.: 951-427-7277