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A former Los Angeles Unified School District police officer, Pedro Plascencia, 48, of Canyon Country, was arrested for workers’ compensation fraud. Plascencia is being charged with presenting a false material statement, concealment, and perjury for attempting to defraud the insurance company by exaggerating the extent of his injuries.

Plascencia allegedly sustained a work-related injury while patrolling the school campus on his patrol bicycle he ran over a wayward cantaloupe and lost control of his bicycle. Plascencia originally claimed injury to his right knee, right foot and right hand, but after obtaining legal counsel he added injury to his back, hips and both knees. Plascencia originally denied any prior medical injury, however subpoenaed medical records indicated that Plascencia, did in fact, sustain prior injuries to those body parts.

Plascencia’s permanent disability finding was changed when the treating doctor was supplied with the medical records reflecting the true injury history. Had the department not stepped in and assisted Plascencia would have unfairly received approximately an additional $15,000 in permanent disability benefits.

“Every year millions of dollars are lost to workers’ compensation fraud,” said Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. “Plascencia knowingly misrepresented, pertinent and relevant information about his prior medical history during his current workers’ compensation claim. I am thankful that in this case my team of investigators were able to catch the offender quickly before any real damage was done.”