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Crawford and Company today announced that it has appeared on this year’s InformationWeek Elite 100 – list of the top business technology innovators in the U.S. Crawford is being recognized by InformationWeek for a suite of innovative online and mobile tools that accelerate claims management;. The tools are accessed globally via an online portal called Crawford Desktop.

“We are honored to be recognized by InformationWeek for the sixth consecutive year for our creative development of very effective technology,’ said Brian Flynn, Crawford executive vice president and global chief information officer. ‘Crawford Desktop is a robust, flexible platform and its numerous features contribute directly and measurably to increasing claim processing efficiency.”

Crawford Desktop uses mobile device geo-location to pinpoint the closest most qualified adjuster for a given claim site and claim type. The assignment is then electronically delivered to a qualified adjuster based on location, availability and performance scorecard. The adjuster accepts the assignment, travels to the site and documents each step of the claims management process (including uploading video, images and voice notes) to the Crawford Desktop portal from a mobile device.

The portal may accessed from a variety of mobile devices, including iPads®, iPhones®, BlackBerry® or Android® phones, with the adjuster’s data transferring to Crawford’s claims management system. Another unique feature of Crawford Desktop is the integration of social media into the claims management process, which provides collaboration with clients and Crawford employees, allowing adjusters in the field to solve problems interactively and in real-time.

This is InformationWeek’s 26th year identifying and honoring the nation’s most innovative users of information technology. For 2014, this assessment was narrowed to a more elite 100 organizations. InformationWeek’s Elite 100 research tracks the technology-based investments, strategies, and results of some of the best-known organizations in the country. Unique among corporate rankings, the InformationWeek Elite 100 spotlights the power of business technology innovation. Additional details on the InformationWeek Elite 100 can be found online at the InformationWeek Website.