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Alyce Leticia Biggs, 44, of Lake Arrowhead was sentenced last week to 11 years in state prison for committing workers’ compensation insurance fraud, tax fraud and grand theft.

In 2010, Biggs was convicted of workers’ compensation insurance fraud, tax fraud, and grand theft. At that time, she was placed on probation and ordered to serve a year in custody. After her custody time was completed and while on probation, Biggs, a bookkeeper, continued to steal from at least two of her clients.

“Biggs would take bank deposits from the victims that consisted of cash and checks, and, on the way to the bank would pocket the cash, and only deposit the checks,” said Deputy District Attorney Michael Chiriatti, Jr., who prosecuted the case.

According to Chiriatti, Biggs’ criminal activity continued for at least three years. As a result, she was rearrested, her probation was revoked, and a new criminal case was filed.

On Jan. 17, 2014, Biggs pleaded guilty to six new counts of grand theft, admitted a white collar crime enhancement, and admitted that she was in violation of her prior grant of probation. She also agreed at that time to serve 11 years in state prison, and pay back the victims all of the money she took from them. At the sentencing hearing, victim Vicki Center told the Court, “This whole event has been tragic to me.” When asked if she had anything she would like to tell the Court or the victims, Biggs stated she did not.