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The PACER information on the Angelotti Chirporactic case reflects that the plaintiffs have appealed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals with respect to the two (of the three) causes of actions that were dismissed. The transcripts are being prepared. Surprisingly, there not yet any effort on behalf of the DWC to appeal the adverse ruling on the one cause of action that was favorable to the lien claimants. Plaintiffs are far more responsive and aggressive in the litigation thus far than is the DWC.

With respect to the hearing in December, here is the current docket entry. “The Court, on its own motion, CONTINUES the Status Conference previously scheduled for 12/23/2013 to 1/16/2014 at 08:30 AM before Judge George H. Wu.”

Thus the December 23 hearing will now take place on January 16. Nothing earth shattering will take place at a status conference. It operates much as it is named, except you must file a status documentation ahead of time. At the status conference, Judge Wu will remove frivolous planned activities, and cut to the chase. Essentially, there is likely no need for an evidentiary trial, as there is no significant factual dispute. If there is a factual dispute, Wu will likely order the parties to take depositions, or get affidavits of any potential witness, and will ultimately gear this case up for decision by way of summary judgment.

Thus, either at this status conference, or the next, the conclusion will likely be that there is nothing left to do to decide the case, and that the decision can be accomplished by way of summary judgment, and the case will simply be submitted

Meanwhile the dismissal of two of the three causes of action will be argued before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, It is not yet clear if the DWC will appeal the rruling granting a preliminary injunction precluding enforcement of the lien activation fee in January.