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Previous NCCI studies of Temporary Total Disability (TTD) indemnity benefits duration showed an increase in nationwide average duration following the onset of the Great Recession in 2007.

As this updated, post-recession research shows, Accident Year (AY) 2009 was the nationwide peak at 143 days, and average duration has since declined to 140 days in AY 2012. Average durations have risen or fallen in step with the national unemployment rate. Countrywide estimates in this study are based on data for 46 jurisdictions – all jurisdictions except ND, OH, WA, WV, and WY – and include large deductible and self-insured claims, where reported to NCCI.

Countrywide, the Contracting and Manufacturing industry groups had the steepest declines in average duration from AY 2009 to AY 2011, following substantial increases between AY 2006 and AY 2009. Recent duration trends in the other industry groups were either slight declines or modest increases.

The median of the average durations in states with seven-day waiting periods is about 20 days longer than in states with three-day waiting periods. Within most industry groups, average durations for women are longer than average durations for men. However, men have higher shares of claims than women in the longer-duration industry groups, so that when viewed overall, men’s average duration is longer than women’s.

Duration increased for all age groups between AY 2005 and AY 2009, with most age groups reflecting the countrywide duration increase of 10%. Duration for the youngest age group-workers under age 30 or less – stands out as about 30% lower than countrywide.