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The Office of Administrative Law has granted the Division of Workers’ Compensation’s requests for readoption of the six sets of emergency regulations that implemented major reform provisions of Senate Bill 863: supplemental job displacement benefit vouchers, interpreter services, qualified medical evaluator regulations (QME), independent medical review (IMR), independent bill review (IBR) and lien filing fee regulations. The emergency regulations, which were initially approved by OAL on Jan. 1, will remain in effect until Oct. 1, unless another 90-day readoption is requested.

On July 1, DWC filed its certificate of compliance for the interpreter services with OAL and requested an Oct. 1 effective date. DWC expects to issue revised supplemental job displacement benefit voucher regulations for a 15-day comment period this week. In the near future, DWC will also issue revised QME revised QME, IMR, IBR and lien filing fee regulations for 15-day comment periods.

DWC will continue to keep the public informed regarding its progress with the ongoing regulatory process.