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The Division of Workers’ Compensation April 19 Newsline issued the following warning to claims administrators.

The DWC has received complaints regarding claims administrators who do not accept electronic bills from medical providers. The DWC Audit Unit has begun investigating claims administrators to determine if they accept electronic transmissions of medical bills.

Provisions relating to electronic medical bills became effective Oct. 18, 2012. By statute, claims administrators are required to accept electronic bills and may develop their own capacity to accept e-bills or may contract with a vendor to perform the function. Participation in e-billing is optional for medical providers.

Claims administrators who do not comply with the e-billing regulations will be subject to assessment, including civil penalties. The electronic billing rules are available on the DWC website. Claims administrators seeking assistance in implementing electronic medical bill processing may wish to consult one or more of the service providers who have elected to be listed on the DWC website. Other companies not listed may be equally capable of providing electronic bill processing services or products.